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Dear Yuletide Letter 2014


- Miscommunication
- Longing
- Flirting
- UST (preferably resolved)
- More plot than sex
- Witty banter
- Character pieces
- Characters staying in-character
- Complete AUs
- Slightly-veered from canon AUs (the Sliding Doors concept ie - what would happen if character A did THIS instead of what actually happened in canon/reality)
- h/c, keeping the characters in-character
- Happy/hopeful endings
- Friendship & BFFs
- People creating weird family units together


- Non-con
- Cheating
- Dark fic
- Excessive angst
- Teacher/student dynamics (I'm a teacher and just...no.)
- Character death
- Love triangles
- Character bashing

Queer as Folk UK - Stuart Alan Jones, Vince Tyler

Stuart/Vince or gen, please. I love stories where Stuart reveals his fondness, affection and protectiveness for Vince, but in his typical, rude, bastard Stuart way. Could be pre-, during or post-canon. If nothing else, I just want to see Stuart and Vince interacting again.

Because it's QAFUK, Stuart/OMC and Vince/OMC (or Cameron) are fine, as long as the focus is on Stuart and Vince being bffs and/or made for each other.

I love, love, love this fandom. It's one of my oldest and certainly one of my dearest. To me, the one big deal breaker for this fandom is keeping Stuart in character. He's a complete bastard with one weak spot: Vince. Sometimes with Vince he is his cruelest, because that's how Stuart rolls, you know? I love them both kind of a lot, and I've read and enjoyed just about every kind of fic there is for them. You can write them as teenagers, post-series one, post-series two, in America, home from America, WHATEVER. No kidding - WHATEVER. As long as Stuart and Vince are there being exasperated best friends, I will love it. I also adore Hazel, so if you want to include her or any of the other characters, feel free. Slash or gen, any rating (because, let's face it, it's Stuart Jones.)

Sleepy Hollow -
Ichabod Crane (Sleepy Hollow - TV)
Abbie Mills (Sleepy Hollow)
Nick Hawley
Jenny Mills

I love Ichabod and Abbie interacting together. If you wanted to put them together, I totally ship it, but bffs are fine too. Also love Nick Hawley and his combative relationship with Ichabod and Abbie. Wouldn't mind seeing him and Abbie together either. And Jenny? I just love Jenny being a bad ass, in any way possible. Don't necessarily ship her with anyone, but I like her sisterly dynamic with Abbie. Basically, I love Abbie and want to see her relationships explored with everyone.

If you want a specific idea, which you can feel free to ignore, a story where Abbie is in danger somehow and the other three band together to save her would be awesome. Of course, she should be doing her part to save herself at the same time, because she is a bad ass. Alternately, Ichabod being jealous of the attention Abbie pays to Hawley would also make me happy.

In conclusion: Abbie, Abbie, Abbie, with whomever.

Not sure what else I can add to this. I love Abbie, I would like a story about how much everyone else loves her too. Take any of the story ideas I listed above or make up your own. The only thing I ask is that if you have Ichabod and Abbie together (which I would love!) that you make it so that Ichabod feels he's no longer married to Katrina. I have no great love for Katrina, so if you want to set the story in some near-future point where she has died or gone with the horseman, you can do that. I hate cheating and infidelity, but I love Ichabod and Abbie, so if you go that route, you'll need to find a way to get there that avoids the cheating issue. I don't want any incest with Abbie and Jenny, but sisterly bonding is highly encouraged! I'd love to see Jenny, Ichabod and even Hawley just tear down the world trying to save or help Abbie.

The Social Network (2010) -

Eduardo Saverin
Mark Zuckerberg

I'd like them to end up together, but if you want them to end up as friends again, that's cool too. Just fix the ending or change the ending or however you want to make it happen. There can be angsty sex, apologies, grand gestures, or it could be more subtle. I'd like to see Mark suffer a bit first, since he pretty much deserves it, but after that, I'll let you decide.

I feel like the Mark and Eduardo shown in the movie are a sad and epic love story, and I want to give it a happy ending. I would also be alright with a story that takes place at any point within the narrative, from their Harvard days forward, where their friendship is fixed. If you don't feel comfortable writing slash, that's cool, just make them friends again. If you don't think you could give them a happy ending, then I will take just a hopeful one, with a chance for happiness down the road. I'm not picky.

The only thing I'm a stickler for in this fandom is Mark's character. He's prickly and rude and I'd like him to stay that way. Don't turn him mushy or into a pushover for the sake of the story. Otherwise, go nuts. Any other characters from the movie are more than welcome!

Thank you so much!

life is short, and you are hot
Dear Yuletide Author

Hello! Sorry I'm late! Hope this letter has caught you in time! Thank you for taking on this challenge. I am really excited and happy that you are writing my story for me. I'm sure that you will do an awesome job.

Queer as Folk UK, Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Sports Night, You Belong With Me - University of Rochester Yellowjackets (Music Video), World War ZCollapse )

life is short, and you are hot

Best. Comic Con. Ever. And I think that most, if not all of it, is thanks to Zachary Levi and Nerd HQ. Best $82 I have ever spent. So on Saturday, my friend and I saw the Doctor Who panel - moderated by Nathan Fillion WHAAAAT - from the third row of a very, very tiny room. I was cosplaying as Eleven, and I asked a question. Two things happened: 1. Nathan told me he loved my outfit. 2. Matt Smith addressed me as "Doctor". (!!!!!)

Here it is, embedded for your easy viewing (I come in at 36:17):

Video - I'm a star!Collapse )

Also, later that night at the Nerd HQ afterparty, we met Steven Moffat! THE MOFF! He was drunk, we were drunk, it was like 1 am, it was awesome. I told him that I loved Coupling, and he looked genuinely befuddled by that. His response was, "OK!" I don't think he was expecting someone to drop a reference to his ten year old sitcom. (So it's probably a good thing I didn't talk about Press Gang like I wanted to. Err...)

Anyway, here is the picture of that adventure:

Me, Kimmi and the MoffCollapse )

Other highlights included seeing Joss Whedon a lot, from very close, watching the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. pilot (COULSON!), Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion bs-ing with each other for like an hour, Max Brooks and his zombie panel, Tyler Hoechlin, who is just as gorgeous in real life and WAY more charming than Derek Hale, the cast of Community and the exhibit hall, which was pretty epic this year.

Have some more pictures, because I took a lot.

Celebrities, panels, cosplayCollapse )

life is short, and you are hot
Things I did not expect about Teen Wolf based only on fanfic...

1. The show's about Scott.

2. Peter Hale? Totally hot.

life is short, and you are hot
Remember this, FOB fans?


to you (unfinished, off the top of my head)

Read more...Collapse )

life is short, and you are hot
Fall Out Boy

Can we talk about how fucking excited and in love with this new FOB album I am? I am going to see them in Wisconsin later this month and just...ugh. My love for Patrick Stump has reignited in a serious way. He's so amazing and I love everything about him. I am greatly looking forward to listening to this album all summer.

My favorite songs are Alone Together and Young Volcanoes. I can't wait to see them performed live. I think the crowd is going to go crazy with Alone Together.

life is short, and you are hot
100 lbs lost!!

Um, wow. I did it. I lost 100 lbs. My birthday is this Sunday, February 17. It was this day last year that I decided to try Weight Watchers, and on February 20th, I actually did it. So this has been a year in the making. I still have about 25 more lbs to go, but I am feeling really proud of myself.

I can fit into clothes from regular stores.
I can jog a 10K.
I can do 30 push ups.
I can pull my knees up to my chest and wrap my arms around them.
I can't wait to renew my driver's license...
Or sit in one of those tiny airplane seats.

I started at 262.6 lbs and today, according to Weight Watchers, I am officially 162.4 lbs. Wow. I never thought I could stick to something like this. I have gone from a 22/24 dress size to a 10/12. My pant size is a 6/8. I fit into a size 4 (!!!!) jeans last week. They looked terrible, so I can't buy them yet, but they fit!

Some before and after picturesCollapse )

life is short, and you are hot
Yuletide reveals

Yeah, I know, I'm super late with this. BUT, regardless, I wrote two stories for Yuletide this year, both of which I was really happy with.

Course History - Community, gen, Abed, Annie, Troy friendship, 4081 words. “Damn it!” Troy shouted. He pushed out of his chair and slammed the mouse down on the desk, attracting the attention of the rest of the class. “I don’t even know what ‘dysentery’ is!”

Some of the classes that Annie, Abed and Troy have taken together at Greendale over the years.

This was my best received Yuletide story ever, and I'm really proud of it. It took me a long time to think of an idea for a story, since my recipient's request was open-ended. Once I had the idea, though, this story was so much fun to write. I would love to go to Greendale.

The Girls of Summer - Bend It Like Beckham, gen, Jules & Jess friendship, outsider POV, 2019 words. We’re at the semi-finals of the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup, and it’s England versus France here at the Commerzbank-Arena in Frankfurt, Germany.

I was searching through the DYA letters when I came upon this prompt. Something about it struck me with the idea of Jules and Jess playing in the World Cup. I actually wrote this story very quickly, because I was so excited about the idea for it. I liked getting to write the story in a different format - entirely a transcript of the commentary during one of the WC games.

life is short, and you are hot
Yuletide stories!

So happy holidays, everyone! I ended scoring THREE stories from THREE DIFFERENT fandoms. And they were all really, really awesome!

I went out to lunch with a friend of mine in from out of town. When I came out of the restaurant, I found that someone had smashed the side mirror off the driver's side. I was really mad, and frustrated, and I couldn't go shopping like I'd planned, because I had to go to the police station to file a police report instead. And then Liverpool lost. And then no one would pick up my shift tonight, and it's going to suck to go into work.

BUT. When I finally got home after this disaster of a day, I reread these stories, and it really did cheer me up. (Not much, admittedly, I still want to punch babies, but it helped a lot.)

So anyway, these are the stories I received:

7 Tips for Handling Your Supernatural Housemates
Fandom: Being Human
Rating: General Audiences
Length: 4000+ words
Summary: It takes Alex some time to get used to her new (after)life — and, especially, her new housemates.

Everything about this story is so wonderful and perfect. I can't wait to see the next season of Being Human to watch these three interact together. Hal and Tom were so great in this story. Hal was very protective of Tom, who was adorable and sweet and just himself, basically. Alex still hasn't really gotten used to all of them yet, but she is starting to slot herself into their little supernatural world. And those were really helpful tips, actually.

Sunday Dinners: A Survey
Fandom: Community
Rating: General Audiences
Length: 2700 words
Summary: Annie didn't plan to act on her feelings, of course. But then Britta went on her rant about porn.

I love these three together forever! This story should be required reading for the scene where Britta drones on about porn alone. BUT NOT REALLY ALONE, because there are also these great moments of domesticity and comfort between the three of them. And they spend time in the dreamatorium! And cheer each other up! And they're each others Valentine's and just... ♥

none but the brave
Fandom: The Mindy Project
Pairing: Mindy/Danny
Rating: General Audiences
Length: 1000+ words
Summary: The thing is, Mindy’s a decent doctor. She also happens to be the most annoying person Danny has ever met.

The dynamic between these two characters was pitch perfect to the show and exactly what I was hoping for when I suggested this prompt. Mindy is silly and bubbly, but also bad ass and competent at the same day. Danny is a curmudgeon, but he also tries to save the day (even though he didn't need to). This is all one scene between the two of them, but does a really good job of showing so much about the two of them.

Anyway, in conclusion, I would rec these stories even if they weren't for me. A++ will read again.

life is short, and you are hot
yuletide! doctor who!

So I've been working on writing my Yuletide story, but not the one I've been assigned. I found a prompt that I was immediately taken with, and I've been writing that. I do have kind of a crazy idea for my actual prompt, which I'm excited to try. It's out of my usual comfort zone, but I think that if I can pull it off, it will be really awesome. So here's hoping.

This is the reason why I love Yuletide so much. There's that first stomach lurch of "omg, what the hell could I possibly write with this prompt??" and then there's brainstorming and that "maybe, I could...AHA!" moment. How are your Yuletide stories going this year?


Really excited to see Lucas back on the pitch! I got a little choked up the first time he touched the ball. But how could I not. LUCAS! I asked for his kit for Christmas. I can't wait to wear it! And we won the game! I have a good feeling about the holiday season in terms of football. I think we're finally finding our footing.


22 days until new DOCTOR WHO! (And Christmas, but whatev.) God, I can't wait. I want to know how the companion is introduced. I haven't been spoiled at all. I have no idea what to expect, especially after Asylum of the Daleks! I am totally prepared to love her, though, even while I desperately miss Amy and Rory.


Lost 83 lbs so far. It's started slowing down now, as is to be expected. My sister is coming to visit on January 18th, and I want to have lost 100 lbs by then. She has been losing weight too, by being vegan and riding her bicycle everywhere. I think it will be really weird seeing the two of us together.

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